How the show came about

In the spring of 2004, during a SPA floating session in Bristol, the conceptual artist Zeena Mozzaic, had a vision of Isadora Duncan dancing in England. The images were very vivid almost like a memory. Impressed with such impactful experience, Zeena mentioned it to her friend, Patricia Madalena (Trisha). She wondered if it was like a fragment of a past life memory, but Trisha replied that could also be a vision of the future. Excited with the possibility, ideas started to bounce between them and the concept of the show was created. Together they wrote the play, that would be an intersection between DANCE and THEATER. The play was going to be produced by a group of local artists in Glastonbury where they lived. Yet, another big production was already dominating the artistic community at that time: The Vagina Monologues. 

So The Barefoot Dancer end up in the box of future projects, almost forgotten and dormant for 14 years. Life happened. Zeena moved to the USA. New challenges and artistic projects took place, but Isadora was still in the back of her mind. When Zeena was a teenager, she saw the movie Isadora portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave, creating a permanent impact in her way of perceiving life and art. Since then Isadora Duncan became her inspiration. 

Invited to show her art at the newly opened venue at the Las Vegas Arts District, STINKO’S, the idea of a live performance for the opening, evolved into finally binging THE BAREFOOT DANCER to live. 

Literally TWO weeks later, after a couple of rehearsals, TYRELL ROLLE, AKA Mr. T, was bringing his dance students from his STUDIO 305, THE HOME OF ROLLE PROJECT to perform the show, adapting his already choreographed dances, to the concept that THE BAREFOOT DANCER was created. The show run for two consecutive days and got a great reception by the public. 


Native from Portugal, Zeena is a mosaic and conceptual artist with a passion for performative arts.

She is also a playwriter and a photographer. 

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